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You're 36 Weeks into your Pregnancy!

36 weeks 3rd trimester pregnancy self-care Jan 26, 2022

Congratulations on reaching the home stretch of your pregnancy!

In addition to more frequent prenatal appointments, the inevitability of birth and meeting your baby maybe really sinking in right about now. This can bring a sense of relief, excitement, anxiety, or all of the above.

Your nesting instincts may be getting stronger and your need to have everything in order. "Let's wash all the baby clothes, and dust the cobwebs behind the TV!"

You may be winding down some of your work responsibilities and gearing up for the demands of a newborn.

Physically, you may be feeling "over it. You may feel baby beginning to descend lower into your pelvis making walking and sleeping less comfortable. Low back tightness, or leg cramps may be present. Or you may feel relatively great, and just want some support in getting prepared for birth.

We just want to let you know that we're here for you. If you need relief from specific discomforts, or if you just need to be nurtured. Once you're on the massage table, we can help you connect to your body, to your baby, and to your breath. To help you feel supported and prepared for the task ahead.

We look forward to the next opportunity we have to nurture you as you nurture new life.

The Sparrow's Nest Team

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