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The massage industry has short-changed mothers for too long.

Weak and timid touch is the sad norm.

 If you’ve ever gotten a pregnancy massage and felt like your therapist was scared to give you much more than a light oil application, then you know what I’m talking about.

You deserve better.

Our quality of touch is deep, nurturing, and laser-focused.

It lengthens and unwinds stuck muscle tissue creating long-lasting pain relief for you.

Hi, I'm Sparrow Harrington, the founder of Sparrow's Nest.

I'm the mother of two dark eyed, wild-haired boys, and massage supported me deeply during my transition to motherhood.

Sadly, and all too commonly, my first birth was derailed. In my case, by a hospital error.

My dream was a home birth. Instead, I was misdiagnosed as HIV positive and ended up with an unnecessary C-section.

My team here at Sparrow's Nest helped me heal physically and emotionally. 

Three and a half years later, I free birthed my second son undisturbed at home.

What I want every woman to know is that healing and wholeness are your birthright. 

I started out as a solo practitioner, and over time, I’ve attracted some of the most talented and heart-centered therapists to join my mission. 

We've helped thousands of women prepare for and heal from birth catering to all types of pregnancies. From low-risk to complicated pregnancies on bed rest, 1st trimester through postpartum- we've seen it all. 

Were experts at easing your pain and we’re also here to celebrate your VBAC,  help your breech baby turn, help you conceive without medical intervention, support your breastfeeding journey, and nurture you after a pregnancy loss.

What I've learned from caring for women for over a decade is that motherhood is the great equalizer. 

It reveals our raw humanity. 

It strips us down to our bare bones and rebuilds us softer, yet stronger.

I'm lucky to be the protege of Carole Osborne- who is both the leading expert on maternity massage and a gem of a human being. 

Carole wrote the textbook on Pre & Perinatal Massage Therapy, and I'm one of the authorized instructors of her work.

Needless to say, my team and I stand on the back of a giant to provide you with the most skillful and nurturing bodywork.

We believe our care begins before you ever get on our massage table. It begins with listening, seeing, and attuning to your unique needs, ensuring you receive the best possible support.

 We're dedicated to providing you with an exceptional pregnancy massage that goes beyond what other spas may offer in their more reserved oil applications.

It's all about ensuring you and your baby receive the highest level of care and comfort.

Thank you for being here, and don't hesitate to reach out with your questions or to book an appointment.

We'd love to support you on your journey.

With love & gratitude, 

Sparrow & The Sparrow's Nest Team

Are you ready to feel seen, heard, and get the relief you need? Then it's time to book your session. 

You can visit our serene office in Pasadena, or we can bring everything to you for a home visit.

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