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About Us


...we are a diverse and highly skilled group of female professionals who collectively offer 75 years of bodywork experience!

Our level of expertise is complemented by our heart-centered commitment to the well being of our community of new families.

We have received the highest level of maternity massage training in North America, and are honored to support you with individualized care throughout your reproductive lifespan.

Meet Our Team

Sparrow's Nest is dedicated to the highest standards of evidence-based healthcare for women during their childbearing years, from preconception through postpartum and beyond.

Through advanced education and ongoing training we refine the skills required to prioritize mother-baby health above all else. We are committed to individualized care and nurturing each woman's core desired state of well-being. We see ourselves as facilitators of health and honor each woman as the expert on her own body and the health of her child.

Our greater aim is to empower our clients and the community at-large to honor the innate strength, health, capability, and wisdom of the female body, especially during pregnancy.

Sparrow’s Nest is a safe and intimate setting where everyone is welcome regardless of race, age, sex, religion, ability, orientation, or status. We are honored to support your healing. 

Special accommodations can be arranged for wheel chair accessibility. Please call us at 626-590-9206 to discuss how we can accommodate you.

Sparrow’s Nest advocates for racial equality and is committed to helping close the maternal infant mortality gap that disproportionately affects black mothers & babies. We donate annually to the Black Student Midwife Scholarship Fund.

We can't wait to nurture you, and focus on your needs. We'll welcome you into our serene space, or bring everything to you for a home visit.

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