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Labor Induction Massage

Indulge in our soothing labor induction massage, expertly crafted to gently stimulate pressure points, encouraging the natural onset of labor.

Why Labor Induction Massage?

At Sparrow’s Nest, we believe in the beauty of allowing labor to unfold naturally, but we recognize the external pressures many clients face regarding specific birth dates.
We're here if you need assistance in initiating labor naturally, nurturing your desire for your ideal birthing experience.


natural labor induction
labor induction massage

Labor Induction Massage


Our exclusive labor induction massage is a natural and serene method designed to gently encourage the onset of spontaneous labor. Designed to respect your body's readiness, this non-invasive treatment promotes relaxation without imposing artificial rhythms.

Through skillful application of sustained pressure on specific acupressure points, our massage stimulates the downward flow of energy, facilitating your baby's engagement within the pelvis and fostering an internal momentum towards labor.


Experience the harmonious blend of comfort and efficacy as you prepare for the joyous arrival of your little one.

*If you don't see any availability for induction massage, we recommend booking an equally effective Induction Reflexology session.*


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"My water broke three hours after the massage, and I went into labor five hours after that! I was blown away! I am so grateful for their help, and I was able to achieve the birth I wanted!"

Amber Metoyer

"I had been in prodromal labor for two weeks and my husband gifted me a labor inducing massage for Mother's Day to help me relax. It definitely helped bring on labor, as I delivered less than 48 hours later."

Karin Aguilar

"It was extremely relaxing for me, & my other mommy friends agreed, that it made labor less painful."

Stella Simona

Benefits of Labor Induction Massage

We’ve had very good success rates with women at 40 weeks or more, going into labor within 48 hours of receiving an Induction session with us.

Additionally, you'll benefit from this massage if: 

  • A medical induction is being discussed or even scheduled before you feel ready.
  • You know you're close to giving birth, but you wonder if you’re too stressed to start labor naturally within the timeframe your care provider is giving.
  • You know you & your baby will  benefit most from a gentle approach to labor stimulation before other interventions are considered.
  • You've been in a non-regular labor pattern for hours or days.
  • You're worried you'll go past 42 weeks and your midwives will be unable to legally attend your birth.

 *If you don't see any availability for an induction massage, we recommend booking an equally effective Induction Reflexology session.*

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Labor Induction Reflexology

Indulge in the transformative experience of 60 minutes of Induction Reflexology, harnessing the power of specific points in the feet and ankles to channel energy downward, gently nudging the uterus toward spontaneous labor.

Ideal for pregnancies beyond 38 weeks, this specialized session offers a natural and soothing approach to support your journey into motherhood. Equally effective as our labor induction massages. If you can't find a massage opening near your due date, don't overlook this powerful and relaxing therapy.

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