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Postpartum Massage

Your body has done wonders, now let us do ours with our specialized post-birth treatments. 


Why Postpartum Massage Therapy?

Jumpstart your recovery after a vaginal or C-section delivery. We’ll support you through the physical, hormonal, and emotional landscape of postpartum.

You can't pour from an empty cup. We know you’re likely exhausted and sore  from giving birth & spending more  time rocking, holding & feeding your baby than you are sleeping.

Could you benefit from expert nurturance, and an hour where YOU are 100% the focus of attention?

postpartum massage therapy

Postpartum Massage

You'll benefit from our care if...'re longing for some TLC & attention to your recovery.'re experiencing the deepest exhaustion you've ever felt in your life.

...your physical discomfort is making it difficult to enjoy or bond with your baby.

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"A few weeks after giving birth I had the extreme pleasure of working with Sparrow's Nest. I was so grateful for their care, as I was so physically & emotionally exhausted."

Stuart Brazell

"Sparrow’s Nest is a miracle worker! They were such an important part of my pregnancy & postpartum journeys."

Jessi Malay

"After my baby arrived, I switched to house call massages. They're extra soothing. No driving. No getting dressed. Just relaxing. Glory be!"

Ravayna Coe

Benefits of Postpartum Massage

We provide relief from...

  • Physical aches of recovering from birth and caring for your infant
  • Lack of sleep
  • Hormone fluctuations
  • "New Mother's Neck"
  • Pelvic pain
  • Wrist and forearm pain
  • Fluid retention

Our care supports...

  • Postpartum healing & organ re-positioning
  • Integration of new identity, mourning of old identity 
  • C-section scar rehabilitation
  • Ample milk production 
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Postpartum Reflexology

Explore the restorative benefits of our postpartum reflexology services! Address and alleviate postpartum discomforts through specialized foot therapy. Immerse yourself in rejuvenation crafted to nurture your body and mind during this important healing phase of your journey. 

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