C-Section Scar Rehabilitation Massage


Benefits of C-Section Scar Massage:

Re-establishes mobility and range of motion,

Keeps organs free of scar tissue and moving independently from one another,

Avoids secondary fertility issues, &

Prevents chronic low back & pelvic pain

Photo sourced from Kimberly Ann Johnson’@magamamas / magamamas.com

The best time to work on your scar is between 10-20 weeks postpartum. This gives your body time to fully heal the scar, but not so long that the scar tissue solidifies. That being said, it’s never too late to come in for this work. We’ve worked on 20 year old C-section scars and still created significant low back and pelvic pain relief for our clients.

This work is offered within the framework of a postpartum massage and can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes of the massage time depending on your tolerance. The rest of the massage session will be spent on other areas of the body impacted by childcare, and tailored to your requests.

We work sensitively and slowly, as this can be a physically and emotionally charged area. We ask for, and heed your direction throughout the session, if you need a different level of pressure, speed or have had enough scar touch for one session and would like to move on, just let your therapist know. You are in charge, and we will listen to and respect your voice.

To book a session, click on “Postpartum Massage” and in the “Add-on” section click “C-section Scar Massage.