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C-Section Scar Massage

Hands-on scar massage promotes complete healing & supports your return to wellness & functionality.

Why Massage Your Scar?

The scar tissue and adhesions that are an inevitable consequence of a C-section can cause, numbness and pulling which restrict full range of movement.

On the more serious end of the spectrum lies the possibility of chronic back & pelvic pain, bowel or digestive problems, secondary infertility issues, organ dysfunction and incontinence.

Most major surgeries include some level of physical therapy to promote full recovery. Unfortunately, physical therapy is usually NOT offered after a cesarean, and women are sent home to care for themselves and their newborns while  they heal.

Massaging your scar will help prevent and heal these issues. We can begin C-section scar work at 8+ weeks postpartum when the deeper layers of the scar are fully healed.

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c-section scar massage

C-Section Scar Massage

This service can be offered during your postpartum massage, and takes anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes of the massage time depending on your tolerance.

To book, schedule a postpartum massage + C-section massage add-on at no extra cost.

The rest of the massage session will be spent on other areas of the body impacted by birth and childcare.

We can also teach you how to massage your own scar at home.

We can begin C-section scar work at 8+ weeks postpartum. Even though your surface scar may appear healed before then, the deeper layers need at least 8 weeks of healing before being massaged. 


Schedule Your Add-on C-Section Scar Massage

"I had a pandemic baby, an emergency C-Section that was traumatic, and I was so relieved to go to Sparrow’s Nest when they pivoted with outside massages in response to the pandemic. It was the first I felt nurtured and comforted. Though my exterior scar was healing quite well, I had built up scar tissue inside and after Heather worked on me, I could feel it breaking down, less ropy, it made me want to go regularly so that I could make sure that it was completely healed."

Tchaiko Omawale

"I’ve been receiving care from Sparrow’s Nest for 6 years now! After having two vaginal births with my older daughters, I was in brand new territory when I had to schedule a C-Section with my son for medical reasons. I had no idea what the recovery this time would be like, or how I’d be able to accept my vertical scar that is larger than average. Angelica supported me with C-Section scar massages that not only aided my physical healing, but made me feel more comfortable in my new self. I trust Sparrow’s Nest with my most intimate details because they have always used that information to tailor my care and bring me deep comfort."

Janelle Nguyen

"After my emergency C-section, I wanted to make sure that my body would fully recover. I had never heard of a C-section scar massage until I booked with Sparrow's Nest!  The scar work and full body massage I received here was effective at loosening up the rigidity in my scar in addition to relaxing my entire body. After a few weeks of taking care of my baby, I’d recommend this service to other women recovering from C-section."

Carmen Chang

Benefits of C-Section Scar Massage

  • Re-establishes mobility and range of motion
  • Keeps organs free of scar tissue and moving independently from one another
  • Avoids secondary fertility issues 
  • Prevents chronic low back & pelvic pain
  • Reduces numbness at scar site


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