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Bereavement Massage

This postpartum massage is designed specifically for those grieving a loss at any stage.

Why Bereavement Massage?

We’re here to provide nurturing support, with respect and sensitivity to your healing after an abortion, miscarriage, or stillbirth.


massage for postpartum
maternal massage

Bereavement Massage

We created this offering for women who didn't find their exact situation reflected in our services. Skilled, caring touch can be beneficial for your physical recovery and emotional healing after loss. We see you, and are honored to support you.


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"After the loss of our firstborn, I was very untrusting of my body. I was going to therapy but it wasn't enough, I needed to reconnect with myself physically again. I eventually came across Sparrow’s Nest & I faithfully booked a massage. After my very first session, I knew I was in gifted hands! Sparrow not only made me feel safe with her empathetic nature but helped nurture and support me back to feeling whole again."

Christina Dennis

"The loss of our daughter Sophia was absolutely devastating. There were so many ups and downs in my healing- some days I'd be fine, and other days I'd just cry out of the blue. The care I received from Sparrow's Nest was so helpful. I think there's a gaping hole in maternity care and the emotional/ psychological side of it, which is why I've found so much comfort in Sparrow's Nest and all they do."

Jessi Malay

"Going through a miscarriage was one of the most emotionally and physically painful experiences of my life. After 15 hours of labor pains my body felt like every muscle and bone was set in a perpetual state of tightness that I couldn’t release. The bodywork that I had done at Sparrows Nest was the only thing that brought my body peace after such a traumatic loss. My experience from the second I walked in was that I was in a nurturing safe space and fully taken care of. I finally was able to feel relaxed after my treatment and it contributed to the beginning of the process of letting go of physical and mental pain that I had been carrying. I would 100 percent recommend Sparrows Nest to anyone who has experienced a miscarriage or birth trauma."

Jessica Rose

Benefits of Bereavement Massage

We provide relief from...

  • Stored grief in the body
  • Musculo-skeletal aches and pains
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Pelvic pain

Our care supports...

  • Physical nurturing and postpartum healing
  • Uterus returning to pre-pregnancy size
  • Organs returning to pre-pregnancy position
  • Emotional processing of your loss
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