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Infant Massage Instruction

Gain the skills to offer your baby relief from common pains, while providing a fun, full-sensory bonding experiencing for you both.

Why Infant Massage Instruction?

"Infant massage is an ancient parenting tradition that has been rediscovered & adapted to our modern world. One of the most natural & rewarding methods of providing early nurturing contact is through the refined application of infant massage by a parent or caregiver. Clinical evidence has shown that this type of loving, nurturing contact has a positive impact upon the infants subsequent growth & development.”

— Infant Massage USA

infant massage
infant massage instruction

Infant Massage Instruction

We offer private and group class series by request to support your schedule and preferences. Group & private classes are a series of four sessions.

You may text or call us for questions or to book a series at 626-590-9206

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"This class allowed us to get out of the house, bond in a new way and meet other families in the community. It is so wonderful for both parents, especially, to take part in and obtain knowledge that can greatly enhance you and your baby's bond for a lifetime. I am forever grateful for this knowledge and experience and the impact it will have on our family's relationship and the well being of my son."

Ashley Abney

"It was our weekly get away and I learned so many new ways to interact with my baby, and learned techniques to keep him entertained, well adjusted, happy, well-digested and ungassy, and I even learned to incorporate massage with song to help me remember the steps as well as give him something to look forward to. I was able to incorporate this into our daily night time routine so my son is able to understand that he is being slowly put to sleep."

Jin Yoo-Kim

"Honesty, I did not know what to expect in this class and was pleasantly surprised at how easy the techniques are and how receptive my son was as well as the others in attendance.  The information we learned is invaluable. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CLASS!! It is a great way to connect with your infant and meet other like-minded moms."

Jenny Pulido

Benefits of Infant Massage

Lessons provide relief for...

  • Gas, constipation & colic
  • Teething pains
  • Growing pains

Lessons support...

  • Cognitive, physical, and  emotional development
  • Optimal functioning of all systems of the body
  • Effective bonding between baby & care giver
  • Stress resiliency in your baby
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