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Holistic Skincare

Nourishing face & belly treatments using products so clean & gentle, they're safe for pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Why Holistic Skin Care?

One of the most important parts of our skin care treatments here at Sparrow’s Nest is the analyzing of your skin. 

After double cleansing, we take a look at your skin and ask questions to determine your skin type. It could be normal, dry, oily, combination or sensitive and is influenced by your genetics. 

We also determine your skin condition which is influenced by lifestyle, genetics, and hormonal fluctuations in pregnancy or postpartum. We nurture skin conditions like acne, rosacea and atopic dermatitis among others. 

You may be struggling with your skin, and a solution could be as simple as changing your home skincare regimen or just stopping a certain product. 

If facials were a part of your self care before pregnancy, here's a place where you can continue the ritual with safe products.

If you're new to skincare, this is the perfect time to pamper yourself and create new ways to honor your body.

Individualized skin guidance, scalp massage, jade rollers, mini dry brushes, cold globes, facial reflexology, gua sha & clean, nourishing skin products are what you can expect with any of our facials!


holistic skin care
holistic skincare

Holistic Skin Care

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can cause imbalances in the skin, which can show up as a variety of different symptoms, from increased acne to hyper-pigmentation.  We offer a variety of skin treatments specifically designed to address these hormonal fluctuations that don’t involve harmful peels or abrasive machinery.  

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" I did the Combo Mini Moisturizing & Belly Facial treatment. I highly recommend! I'm 28 weeks pregnant and it was the perfect self care - both the facial and the belly facial felt great. I really hadn't been that relaxed in a very long time which made it that much more enjoyable. Joslynn did both of the treatments and she took great care of me! It felt highly professional and worth the investment."

Lauren McAulay

"Where do I begin? Joslynn’s hands are simply magical! Amidst all the chaos and trying to keep up with life, her facials have been such a healthy indulgence for my skin and overall mental health. Every time I leave her bed I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Treat yourself to a facial...your body, mind and soul will thank you. 

Forever grateful for this GEM!"

Jennifer Reyes

"My daughter gave me a fabulous birthday present this year: a facial by Joslynn. Over the years I have received hundreds of massages and facials. Joslynn’s was one of the most professional, luxurious treatments I have ever enjoyed. She sets a lovely, peaceful ambience and proceeds to stimulate and pamper and soothe your skin with her oils, fragrances and “magic” hands. You may think massages and facials are self-indulgent luxuries. On the contrary, they are key to maintaining peak physical and mental health."

Kathleen Farrell

Benefits of Facials

We provide relief from...

  • Congested or irritated skin
  • Acne & brown spots
  • Tension & headaches
  • Dry and hormonal skin
  • Stress & anxiety

Our care supports...

  • Unique problem solving for your skin
  • Healthy circulation
  • Boosted immune system
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Rejuvenation & healthy aging
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