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Maternity Reflexology

Marna Currie is our in house Maternity Reflexologist specializing in Labor Induction Reflexology & Fertility Reflexology. 

Why Maternity  Reflexology?

Based on a system of zones and reflexes that mirror the image of the body, Reflexology is the applied pressure to the feet and ankles. The treatment influences the corresponding body parts such as organs, glands and muscles.  Commonly used to improve circulation, unblock nerve impulses and balance hormones, encouraging the body to heal itself.


fertility massage
fertility massage

Benefits of Fertility Reflexology:

Reduce stress
Balance hormones / wake up endocrine glands
Relax and rejuvenate
Increase blood flow to the pelvic area
Unblock lymph
Help the body move into balance
EFT Tapping can be added to release buried emotions for cases of unexplained infertility.

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Benefits of Labor Induction Reflexology:


Wakes up the endocrine system
Boosts circulation
Unblocks nerve impulses
Naturally stimulates oxytocin
Boost sleep
Helps body help itself

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Fertility Reflexology & EFT Combo

Reflexology helps combat health issues caused by stress and emotions.  Emotions are energy in motion and when ignored, can block us physically.  The flow of blood, lymph, nerves or energy channels get blocked and our glands and organs can’t function at optimal levels.   Reflexology works well in tangent with EFT sessions to release unconscious fears and stress or hormonal imbalances by stimulating endocrine points.  This is also a winning metaphysical combination of treatment of infertility.

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