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Lactation Massage

Bodywork to support your breast health and nursing goals.

Why Lactation Massage?

Just because something is natural, doesn't make it easy. Even when you're determined to breastfeed things may come up that can challenge your nursing journey.

A baby's stay in the NICU, a difficult birth experience, unsupportive work environment for pumping, a bout of mastitis, are just a few examples of the stresses that can impact your breast health and milk supply. Lactation massage can help support your breast health, milk supply, and stress management.

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Lactation Massage

We're here to support your breast health and nursing journey.

We recommend that you schedule as soon as you’re concerned about breast tissue changes. Mastitis can come on quickly, and we don’t want you to come in when you’re already in pain, or worse yet, have a fever.

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"I was referred here by my lactation consultant and I am so glad that I went...I had massive engorgement and unable to find relief... I got a massage by Cindy and she was absolutely amazing! That evening, I was already feeling so much better and by the next day significantly so!"

Lucine Yeu
“I thought my prenatal massages at Sparrow’s Nest were the best ever, but I have to say that getting a massage right after giving birth was AMAZING!! We included lactation massage because my supply wasn’t coming in well, and I wanted to do everything to make sure I could have the best chance at nursing my baby.”


Lisa Grayson

"When my milk came in, I became engorged to such a severe degree that nothing helped, and I couldn't even attempt to start my son feeding on the breast. My doula recommended a lactation massage and I was so grateful to have found Sparrows Nest. I ended up having two in-home lactation massages to help break down the clogged ducts and relieve the pain. Heather did an amazing job, and taught me a lot about how I could help prevent the clogs from building up again. She helped normalize my hyperlactation and mastitis during a time when it's easy to feel isolated, and I am so thankful for her presence during that difficult time."

Rebecca Calavan

Benefits of Lactation Massage

  • Relief for engorgement
  • Relief for clogged milk ducts
  • Prevention of mastitis
  • Helps boost milk supply
*Disclaimer: Lactation massage often takes time. How much time depends on breast size, density of breast tissue, & state of congestion. A 90 minute session is recommended if a full body experience is your goal.
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