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Postpartum is NOT synonymous with Depression; Learn the Difference + How To Prevent The Latter

4th trimester depression mercier postpartum Mar 15, 2022

Postpartum is not synonymous with depression.

I hear these terms confused all the time online. 

One is a universal experience after having a baby, the other is not.

Postpartum is both a state and a time period that ALL women experience after birth. 

It is a normal, physiological, inescapable part of birthing a baby. The immediate postpartum, usually lasts 6 weeks, & is comprised of huge hormonal shifts, milk production, uterine involution (shrinking to pre-pregnancy size), healing, integrating and bonding with a new baby. 

Extended postpartum is 1-2 years, depending on the person and the type of birth she had. 

Some people say after having a baby, you’re forever postpartum, and I might agree.

Postpartum Depression, however, is not a universal experience, and may be at least partially due to a lack of support. 

Somewhere between 10-20% of mothers experience postpartum depression, which is comprised of a set of symptoms that may interfere with her ability to care for her baby and herself. 

This is distinct from the roughly 50% of new mothers who experience Baby Blues: mood swings, crying spells, and euphoria that last a few days to a couple of weeks after giving birth. 

Baby Blues are a normal and short-lived part of adjusting to the immensity of change that birth brings. Postpartum depression is more severe and long-lasting, and often requires professional support.

Planning and preparing to rest, eat nutrient and calorie dense meals, have help around the house, receive touch, and a loving and or professional ear to listen to your worries, birth story, or joys, may prevent or diminish depression being a part of your postpartum experience.

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Meet baby Townsend & his beautiful Mama Aja! (Photo above)

I'm so thrilled to be a part of their journey. This photo just warms my heart.

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