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Hydration 101: A Pregnancy Essential for Warding Off Everything From Stretch Marks to Pre-Term Labor

hydration water Feb 04, 2022

We all know water is important, but here's why:

When you're pregnantyou need more water than the average person in order to form amniotic fluid, produce extra blood, build new tissue, carry nutrients, enhance digestion, and flush out wastes and toxins.

Water also makes your skin more elastic & good hydration can help prevent stretch marks.

Guess what else water does?

It keeps muscles from cramping, including the uterus from contracting too much too soon. Dehydration can be a culprit in pre-term labor.

So how much water is sufficient?

A good rule is to aim to drink half your body weight in ounces. So, If you’re 160 pounds - try to drink 80 oz of water/day.

I recommend getting a water bottle so you can track how much you’re drinking. If it’s a 20 oz bottle, for the above example, you’d want to fill it 4x/day.

If tracking ounces sounds like a nightmare to you, check the color of your pee- if its clear to light, you’re on track with hydration. Dark pee means you need to up the agua.

Drinking from a straw helped me SO much! Instead of taking a sip off the side of a glass, I’d take a few big gulps every time I reached for my water.

What about breastfeeding??

Yes, you absolutely need to be well hydrated to produce enough milk & heal from your delivery. The same weight rule above works for breastfeeding too.

Make sure you’re drinking purified water. Agrochemicals, hormones, heavy metals & other toxins are in our water supply, so make sure you're drinking filtered water & using a shower filter too.

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