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The Power of Birth Preparation! How These Key Practitioners Helped My Baby Drop 3 Inches

birth preparation pelvic floor physical therapy physical therapy prenatal Feb 03, 2022

My baby dropped this week. Here's why:

I went to see Dr. Grace Abruzzo PT for a birth preparation session. She did several physical assessments and determined I needed to free up my respiratory diaphragm.

She gave me exercises, worked on my diaphragm, and then suggested that I have more work done on my pecs, especially where they attach to my sternum (or breastbone).

I followed Grace’s advice and had Cindy work on these specific areas during our regularly scheduled #prenatalmassage session.

The next day, my baby dropped 3 inches lower than where they had been sitting!

Dr. Grace also did an internal assessment to see if my pelvic floor is balanced. You may not know this, but if one side or the other is tight, it can mean baby has no choice but to come down asynclitic (or with their neck crooked to one side).

This can make birth harder and take longer. 

Dr. Grace found I needed more flexibility near my tailbone. In one session, I went from 25% range of motion to 40% range of motion in my tailbone & I’m going to see her 3 more times before this baby arrives.

I wanted to share this with you, because many people don’t know that this work exists.

Yes, we know about pelvic floor physical therapy for rehabilitation post birth, but what about going to see a pelvic floor physical therapist for prevention!? For preparation?! That’s what Dr. Grace is here for!!

You can also check out these other incredible women who do similar work:

Dr. Mimi Ton
Dr. Anna McMaster
Dr. April Ramirez
Dr. Tasha Darden

I hope this information is helpful!

Sending you lots of love & light,

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