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Love Note #5-Mercier Therapy

conception support fertility treatment mercier therapy Jan 28, 2022

Mercier Therapy//Hands-On Conception Support

It wasn’t until I heard a couple of my clients joke that they were going to name their baby Tesla, because that’s how much money they spent on IVF in order to get pregnant, that I began to wonder, how can I help? 

I’ve worked with pregnant people for years, without always fully understanding the back story of each individual’s fertility journey. I‘d meet my clients when they were already pregnant,  and after a while, I realized what it took for some of them to actually conceive.

Did you know that the U.S. has an infertility rate that’s at 17% and growing? Did you also know that we are sending couples in their 20’s straight to fertility clinics when they haven’t conceived within a year? 

The trouble with this, is that many people just need a little bit of help understanding their fertility, along with some hands-on support. Some couples assume they need to have sex on day 14 of their cycle (the average day of ovulation). But cycles vary, and ovulation is possible on day 11 or day 20 for example. If that’s true for you, you could be missing your conception window Every. Single. Month.

That’s one of the layers of support I’ve learned to give clients who are looking to conceive. I help you get curious and specific about your body, your cycle, your rhythm. To know exactly when YOU ovulate every month. 

If you don’t already have a doctor or acupuncturist guiding you, I also help you find ways to reduce stress, schedule exercise, find a mindfulness practice, and to take a gentle look at your diet.

The most potent layer of support I can provide, is my hands-on specific attention to your womb through Mercier Therapy.

I trained in Mercier Therapy, along-side Dr. Jennifer Mercier, and I have to say, that helping others realize the longed-for dream of parenthood has been so fulfilling. I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I’ve always loved my maternity massage work, but I do. It’s been a magical experience.


  • it brings circulation to your pelvis, uterus, and ovaries
  • helps re-position your uterus if it’s not optimally placed
  • and breaks up scar tissue that can hinder your ability to conceive

The Proof is in the Results. An evidence-based research study, concluded in September 2012, proved an 83% pregnancy success rate. The abstract entitled: Mercier Therapy Helps Infertile Women Achieve Pregnancy and was published in the Spring 2013 edition of the Midwifery Today journal. 

These results were based on Mercier Therapy as a stand-alone therapy, but Mercier Therapy may also be utilized as preparation and support for IUI or IVF, if you’re already committed to that path.

Check out the full length documentary about Mercier Therapy on Amazon or iTunes. Click here for the trailer. 

I’d be honored to support you on your journey to become a parent, and am available for Mercier Therapy consultations. I can answer all of your questions, and give you a hands-on assessment of the placement and mobility of your uterus and ovaries. Don’t be afraid to reach out. There’s hope for your family to grow.

With love & gratitude,

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