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Love Note #3/C-Section Work

c-section scar cesarean postpartum pp Jan 28, 2022

Do you have a relationship with your C-section scar?

Do you touch it? Can you breathe down into it? Can you acknowledge it in your body? 

Do you allow yourself to connect with your scar physically and with the story behind it? Or do you feel blocked? Do you judge yourself or feel judged by others? Do you have strong emotions in either direction about this Right of Passage?

However your journey to motherhood looked, you’re a mother. Period.

Integrating your birth experience, no matter what it looked like, is an important part of living an integrated life. This does not happen overnight for most, and for some it can take a long time. That’s ok.

Giving yourself and the other Life Givers in your life the space and time to work through things at their own pace, creates a better world for all of us to live in. Please be graceful with one another.

If you would like support integrating your C-section into your body, we can help... in a tangible, respectful and individualized way.

Keep reading for info on C-section scar massage.

Why? To maintain mobility and range of motion (so you can reach freely above your head to get the box high in the closet, or to throw your hands up when your kid scores a goal), to keep organs functioning properly (so your bladder moves separately from your uterus, and they don’t adhere together), to avoid secondary infertility from scar tissue build-up, to prevent chronic back and pelvic pain... and to help you integrate your birthing experience.

When? The best time to work on your scar is between 10 and 20 months postpartum. That gives your body time to fully heal, but not so long for the scar tissue to solidify. That being said, we’ve worked on scars 20 years Postpartum, and still create relief and low back pain and pelvic mobility. It’s never too late to get cared for.

Sending love & light to you,

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