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4th trimester birth postpartum Jan 26, 2022

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

Wow. You’ve stepped through the doorway to motherhood. Whether it’s for the first time or whether you’ve made this trip before, birth is a rite of passage and brings many physical and emotional changes, and changes to your family structure as well. So, congratulations! 

It’s easy to forget about the 4th trimester during your pregnancy. Most moms do. But the next three months are crucial for your healing.

Here are a few of the most common developments during the first three months postpartum, AKA, the fourth trimester: 

Recovery from labor, including exhaustion, pelvic and joint strain, after effects of medication including headache and backache, two-six weeks of “after pains” as your uterus returns to its pre-pregnancy size, hemorrhoids and constipation, elimination of excess fluids, metabolic wastes or intravenously administered fluids, shakiness, significant endocrine, hormonal, and mammary changes, significant shift in center of gravity, lack of abdominal tone, emotional adjustments, strain from child care, and weak or imbalanced joints or muscles.

Glamorous, right?

Here’s how massage may help you recover in postpartum:

Help relieve postpartum fatigue, promote postpartum recovery, alleviate upper body strain, AKA, New Mother’s Neck, promote C-section scar rehabilitation. (We can work on the scar after 8-10 weeks healing time, and before then, we can work reflexively through the feet to promote healing), help process emotions surrounding your birthing experience. Muscle has memory and helping to unwind any stress, and tension built up from birth can also help you process this tremendous experience.

Hip closing work. Using a flat sheet, we can wrap the body in a snug and comforting way to help energetically close the body after the great opening of birth. (By request).


Massage can help support you with acute discomforts, and the best results are seen cumulatively over time. Ideally, we'd love to see you twice a month during the fourth trimester, but if we could see you even three times during the first three months, it could make a significant difference in your recovery.

We look forward to the next opportunity we have to nurture you as you nurture new life.

Sparrow & The Sparrow's Nest Team

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