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Taking Control: How She Achieved a VBAC Despite an Unwanted Scheduled C-section

induction massage vaginal birth vbac Jan 30, 2022

We are all celebrating here at Sparrow's Nest over an induction massage that culminated in a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) this week!!

This is a big deal ya’ll!!

A client of ours gave birth vaginally on Friday, after birthing her daughter via C-section 7 years earlier.

Every VBAC serves as an important reminder to the medical community, and to other women who want to pursue vaginal birth after cesarean, that it IS possible!

Pursuing a VBAC has become more and more difficult over the years, because fewer and fewer providers are willing to support women wanting a vaginal birth after a cesarean. The qualifications to attempt a “trial of labor” as it’s called, have gotten stricter, and the impetus to schedule a medical induction is ever so common–which also reduces your chances of a successful vaginal birth.

This amazing mom, declined to go in for a C-section scheduled by her doctor against her wishes, and came in to see us instead.

At 41 weeks pregnant, her body and baby were already close to wanting to go into labor, but needed just a bit of nurturance and gentle stimulating acupressure. The next day after her induction massage with us, we received this message and the photo above.

If you know someone striving for a VBAC, please let them know we fully support them, are here as a resource, and are rooting for their success!

If you’d like to learn more about our labor induction massage services, please click here for FAQ.

I hope this news & photo helps start your week off in celebration too!

With Love & Gratitude,

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