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Calendar Pitfalls: The Toll on Mother's when Goals Clash with Nature's Rhythm

goal setting holidaypregnancy holidays maternal mental health motherhood new year seasonal awareness seasonal wisdom Dec 31, 2023

As winter blankets us in its quietude, a season where the earth rests and the air is crisp, it's only natural for pregnant women and mothers to feel an inclination towards internal reflection and nesting. In this season of stillness, it might seem counterintuitive to embrace the notion of setting new goals for the coming year.


The Gregorian calendar, often urging us to initiate resolutions as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, may not align with the rhythms of nature. As women and mothers, our spirits resonate with the cycles around us, and the dead of winter may be a time better suited for introspection and nurturing. If this feels true to you, please give yourself permission to rest and reflect on the eve of this new year. 


Winter is a season that beckons us to turn inward, mirroring the hibernation of nature. It's a period where quietude reigns, and the energy of the earth is concentrated inwards. As expectant mothers and nurturing caregivers, honoring this natural inclination can be profoundly enriching.


Instead of succumbing to external pressures to set goals in the dead of winter, consider embracing the beauty of internal reflection. Allow this season to be a time of nurturing your own spirit and the bonds within your family. Reflect on the joys and challenges of the past year, fostering a sense of gratitude for the growth experienced.


Just as nature starts to stir with the arrival of spring, the Spring Equinox becomes a more harmonious moment to set intentions and goals. As blossoms unfurl and the earth awakens, there's a collective energy propelling us towards new beginnings. This aligns seamlessly with the aspirations of women and mothers who thrive in sync with the cycles of nature.


Consider the Spring Equinox as a time to sow the seeds of your goals. Embrace the increasing daylight and the emergence of life around you. Channel this energy into creating aspirations that resonate with the vibrancy of spring, symbolizing growth, renewal, and the potential for new life.


In our journey as mothers, tuning into the cycles of nature offers a profound source of guidance. Let go of the societal pressure to conform to predefined timelines, and instead, embrace the wisdom of the seasons. Align your personal goals with the ebb and flow of nature, allowing your intentions to blossom organically.

Remember, as the earth evolves, so do you. If it feels right, embrace the innate wisdom of your own maternal instincts and align your goals with the rhythm of nature. Let the seasons be your guide, leading you to a place of authentic growth and fulfillment.

Thank you to Nancy Lucina, one of my dear mentors for instilling this wisdom within me. Nancy is a wonderful resource for all things nature and cycle aligned if you want to dig even deeper into this concept.

As you navigate the seasons of life, may you find harmony, peace, and joy in embracing the cycles of nature within and around you.

With gratitude, 

Sparrow and The Sparrow's Nest Team


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