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3 Fertility Myths & 4 Crucial Tips Every Woman Needs to Know Before Conceiving

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  1. If I don’t conceive right away, I may have fertility issues.
    TRUTH: Only 25% of couples will conceive 1st cycle even if both are optimally fertile. If you are coming off birth control, especially long-term use, it may take up to 18 months to get your hormones regulated enough to conceive a baby. 
  2. As long as I’m having sex on day 14 of my cycle I’m guaranteed to hit my fertile window.
    TRUTH: Some literature suggests 87% of couples may be timing intercourse incorrectly. Your fertile window is unique and is not always accurately predicted by an app.  Make sure you know how to track your cycle.
  3. Getting a positive ovulation test result means that I’ve confirmed ovulation
    TRUTH: An LH surge alone doesn’t confirm ovulation. Did you get a smiley face on your ovulation stick?, that doesn’t necessarily mean you ovulated . You can get an LH surge in an anovulatory cycle. An LH surge COUPLED with a significant increase in basal body temperature however, WILL confirm ovulation happened that cycle.

If you don’t feel you’ve got unrealistic expectations of conceiving first try, or an issue with timing  intercourse, here are a few considerations to support you preconception:


  1. Eat enough, and eat regularly. Blood sugar regulation is important & for some, it’s absolutely crucial. Eating breakfast within an hour of waking, eating every 3 to 4 hours throughout the day, and eating before caffeine consumption are my three main suggestions. 

  2. Manage your stress. This can be such a vague and triggering concept for some, but I like to keep it simple and ask: What would need to change in your life if you found out you were pregnant today? if the answer is nothing, then you’re probably managing your stress well! If the thought of being pregnant today would be overwhelming, then there are some stresses that could be cut from your life to make conceiving your baby that much more possible.
  3. Get adequate sleep during ideal intervals. This means blocking or eliminating hormone disrupting blue lights after sunset, and going to bed by 10pm and sleeping at least 7 hours or more. The sleep we get before midnight can really regulate our hormones. 
  4. Your period products matter. Mainstream products contain hormone disrupting chemicals. Make sure your products are organic cotton. I like the products by Rael.

If you’d benefit from skilled tailored care, we have several ways to support your conception journey:

Wishing you all the best on this journey.
Remember, you’re not alone.

With love & gratitude,
Sparrow & The Sparrow’s Nest Team


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