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Feeling Blind Sided by Induction Talk Before Your Due Date? Read THIS

edd full term induction massage Jan 27, 2022

"Thanksgiving is not a complication of pregnancy."

I love this quote by Robin Elise Wiess.

I could expand on it by saying, neither is Christmas, nor New Years!

Forty weeks is the average length of pregnancy. Half of healthy babies arrive before then, and half after. First time mothers especially, can cruise right past that guesstimated date, and instead of calling them overdue, I wish we could simply call them still pregnant.

I wish there was no ticking clock towards the end of pregnancy, that mothers could calmly wait for their babies to choose when they’re ready. However, we live in a culture that often pushes induction sooner than some babes are ready.

The flexibility you have with your due date, can really depend on your care provider. Some doctors “allow” 40 weeks, others 41 weeks, while still others are ok with 42 weeks or more, as long as baby is doing well. Did you know, that midwives are legally only allowed to attend births between 38 and 42 weeks? Anything sooner or later than that, even by a day, and they have to transfer your care to the hospital or risk losing their license?

These are some of the reasons why we began offering labor induction massage here at the Nest. There are some situations where it is helpful to encourage labor to start naturally. Our Induction Massages are safe, and enjoyable. They cannot force your body to do something that it’s not close to doing naturally anyway. An induction massage can calm your nervous system (a major preparation for effective labor) and create an internal momentum for contractions to start.

If you’re due near the holidays, or near your doc's planned vacation, and talk of induction is coming up, please be mindful. Ask questions, and simply decline if you feel it’s not the right choice for you and your baby. Some reasons you might hear an induction may be necessary, may include your baby being too big, fluid levels too low, or evidence of a calcified placenta. There seems to be an inflated occurrence of these factors around the holidays. You have the right to informed consent. Don’t get bullied. Make sure this is the best choice for your family.

Some risks of induction to discuss include:

- 🔸Additional medical interventions (continuous fetal monitoring, pain medications, restricted movement)

- 🔸Stress on the baby

- 🔸Cesarean (there’s a 50% chance a first time mother will get a c-section if induced)

- 🔸Pain for the mother

- 🔸A very long labor

- 🔸NICU stay for your baby

If you absolutely must get things moving, come see us for Induction massage. 

We’re here for you!
With love,
Sparrow & The Sparrow's Nest Team

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