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Expert bodywork & skin care services to nurture you as you nurture new life.


Congratulations on your pregnancy!

If you’re looking for expert nurturing care during your pregnancy, then you’re in the right place!

Our team has the highest maternity massage training in North America. We are passionate  and committed to optimizing and individualizing your care so that you can experience the most joy from this special time. 

Our bodywork services safely and effectively address many common & “tricky” pain points, as well as breech baby positioning, & if needed, provides natural labor induction.

In addition, we also have holistic, non-toxic skin care services  to help you manage stress, and the hormonal changes that effect pregnant skin so that you can unwind and feel nurtured as you nurture your growing baby.

Nourishing face & belly treatments using products so clean & gentle, they're safe for pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Our holistic skin care services offer you an opportunity to relax while knowing you're being pampered with pregnancy & breast-feeding safe products.

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Expert care & bodywork for any stage of pregnancy that will have benefits for you, your baby, & your family.

This is the heart of our practice. We're passionately committed to the highest standards of maternity bodywork to serve you throughout your pregnancy.

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This gentle, relaxing, pressure-point massage is very often effective at getting your labor started naturally.

Our induction massages are safe, gentle & very often effective. Whether you're dealing with pressure from your provider to induce, or the inability of your midwife to legally attend your home birth past 42 weeks, we can help.

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"Sparrow's Nest is truly a magical place. I started working with Heather this week (37 weeks pregnant) and my only regret is that I didn't find her sooner! After a super disappointing "massage" (basically just a light lotion application) at another spa, I was almost in tears wishing for a trained therapist who knew the pregnant body and could legitimately help me with third trimester pain and mobility. Look no further - Sparrow's Nest is the real deal."

Beth Hernandez

"I feel so fortunate that my chiropractor introduced me to Sparrows Nest. At 36 weeks pregnant I wanted to try and turn my breech baby to be head down. Sure enough, after two sessions, she turned, which is highly unlikely at that point in the pregnancy. (My doctor told me it was a 5-10% chance.) Not only did they help me accomplish my prenatal goals, Angelica's massages were euphoric every.single.time!"

Yvette Memory

"I've been coming here since I found out I was pregnant, dealing with a bad case of sciatica. These prenatal massages are heaven sent! At 9 weeks I decided to try Sparrow's Nest and 12 weeks later my massage therapist Callie is still AMAZING!!! She definitely has heavenly hands and I'm thankful for her."

Melissa Bastien



A DIY Guide To Alleviate Pregnancy Pain At Home

This self-paced online course will teach you how to alleviate and prevent pain with self-massage techniques, postural guidance, and how-to stretches and exercises, so that you can fully embody the joy of pregnancy!

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