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postpartum massage

Nurturing bodywork and skin care services to support your postpartum journey.

Welcome & Congratulations!

Birth is a portal, and no matter how your birth unfolded, it is a profound and transformative experience.

As you heal from, and integrate your birth, our team of expert body workers are here to aid in your complete healing and support your nursing goals.

You can count on us to help ease your pain while supporting your mental & emotional well-being during your transition to motherhood.

holistic skincare

Our non-toxic holistic skincare also provides a wonderful opportunity for stress relief, a moment of peace, and a way to address any hormonal skin concerns. 

Our postpartum clients love receiving our belly facials that give thanks & reverence to the space that grew your baby. 


Once you’re at least 6 weeks postpartum, we’d be honored to teach you the loving art of infant massage so that you can alleviate your baby’s common discomforts, and help your baby thrive!


Nurturing bodywork to refill your cup & assist your healing, so that you can focus on mothering your newborn.

We're experienced with supporting all birthing outcomes and nurturing your postpartum recovery. It's an honor to support your physical, emotional, and mental healing after the tremendous process of giving birth.

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Gain the skills to offer your baby relief from common pains, while providing a fun, full-sensory bonding experiencing for you both.

This ancient practice allows you to build confidence in your parenting skills by offering your baby relief from common pains like teething and gas, while providing a fun, full-sensory bonding experience.

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Bodywork to support your breast health and nursing goals.

If you're struggling with low milk supply, recurrent clogged ducts or mastitis, this is the massage for you. Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Let us support you towards achieving your nursing goals.

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Hands-on scar massage promotes complete healing & supports your return to wellness & functionality.

Without rehabilitation, your C-section may cause long-term back or pelvic pain, restricted movement, or secondary fertility challenges. Our gentle scar massage reduces the adhesions that cause these issues. 

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Nourishing face & belly treatments using products so clean & gentle, they're safe for pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Our holistic skin care services offer you an opportunity to relax while knowing you're being pampered with pregnancy & breast-feeding safe products.

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"I had the best postpartum massage with Cindy! My shoulders and lower back were extremely tight from breastfeeding, and after my massage, I felt like a whole new person!"

Katrine Davtyan


"During pregnancy, Sparrow Nest became an integral part of our health care team. That didn't stop after delivery.  I was able to do postpartum sessions, and those were just as beneficial as the pregnancy massages. Besides the physical benefits, those postpartum sessions were so good for my soul.  It was emotionally relieving to talk through the labor and delivery experience and get some tips learned from the many moms they've worked with."

Gabi Traxler- Romin

"I finally went and got a post-partum massage with Angelica at Sparrow's Nest and it was a rejuvenating and healing experience! Highly recommend it."

Gilda Davidian