"My days are spent caring for and focusing on my family, and it is so nice to have an hour where someone else truly nurtures me" -Felisa

"...I left feeling like I was walking on a cloud. The rest of the day I barely felt pregnant except when I glanced down at the bowling ball of a belly I have. Strong hands, methodical approach, and a really beautiful peaceful energy." - Rosie

“ I felt like a rusty tin man who had gotten some much-needed oil; I was loose in places I didn’t even know were tight in the first place, and I could feel baby enjoying more open space too.” - Amelia
Time stopped, I was in a very deep and comforting place. The day after, I felt lighter, balanced, aligned- A way to feel in my body that I had forgotten since early in my pregnancy.

"She takes the time to really listen to you and your needs, then provides EVERYTHING you asked for. During her sessions, I am transported to a place with no pain, no worry, just pure relaxation and release" - Neely

" I was five days overdue with my son and it was starting to stress my husband and I out! ...I felt so great after the massage and the icing on the cake was the next day I went into labor and had my baby boy!" - Michelle (successful VBAC mama)

" I was so glad Sparrow's massages were strong and focused. I left feeling completely relaxed, and it helped my mood and overall physical discomfort" - Jacy

Sparrow has become a crucial part of my self-care, as I always walk away feeling better. Her reach goes so much farther than just your average massage. She is intuitive, safe, and deeply loving. Worth every penny.
- Emilee
After the loss of our firstborn, I was very untrusting of my body. I was going to therapy but it wasn’t enough, I needed to reconnect with myself physically again. I eventually came across Sparrow and felt drawn to her and what she had to offer. I faithfully booked a massage and after my very first session, I knew I was in gifted hands!
She not only made me feel safe with her empathetic nature but helped nurture and support me back to feeling whole again, allowing her gift to speak for itself.
Shortly after I began getting massages from Sparrow, I became pregnant again, which was exciting and terrifying at the same time considering what I had just gone through. Thankfully I was able to continue getting bodywork from her along this new stretch of journey.
I’ve been receiving massages from Sparrow for over a year now and can truly say she has helped bring a whole other level of comfort and self love during trying times and such joyous moments.
I am beyond grateful to get worked on by someone who understands the mind, body, soul connection and most importantly the unique journey of motherhood.
— Chrissy