Nurturing you as you nurture new life

Have you ever done something you never thought you could? Have you ever surprised yourself by your own inner strength? 

Pregnancy and birth is a rite of passage, no matter what your birth looks like. Whether it involves surgery, or bedrest,  whether you birth at home or in the hospital, whether you love being pregnant or not. You're a life giver. You're amazing! We want to help make you feel that way.


Our motto is "Nurturing You as You Nurture New Life" and that's what we're dedicated to doing, because it's what every woman embarking on this journey deserves.

Anthropologists have learned that societies with the highest levels of nurturing touch have the lowest levels of violence. At Sparrow's Nest, we happen to believe that a better world starts at birth. How we treat new and expecting mothers now will affect how they mother the next generation. We want to live in a compassionate, peaceful world, and we believe this work directly influences that goal.

We're here to tell you, that you can do hard things. Not everyone enjoys being pregnant, and it has nothing to do with how wonderful of a mother you will be once your baby is born. Sometimes you need support. 

Often it's the physical discomforts- the backaches, the restless legs, the rib cage pain that's the hardest . If it's not the pain, it can be the anxiety of facing the unknown- of motherhood, of birth, of a new relationship with your body, or a changing dynamic with your partner.

We're here to help you navigate these changes and feel peaceful in your body along the way. We're here to help alleviate the pain that your doctor may be telling you "is just part of the process". It doesn't have to be. Other practices who say they offer prenatal massage, are often worried about liability issues, generally stemming from a lack of education or experience. They may give you the sense that they're afraid to touch you, or that you're fragile. At Sparrow's Nest, we're not afraid to address your pain because we're confident in our training; In fact, it's the highest-level training in North America. We want you to feel precious, heard, tended to, but never fragile. 

We also pride ourselves at helping to create a safe space for you to find a peaceful internal map. A place that can be a respite from the anxieties of this special, but sometimes stressful time in life. A place in which overtime, you will begin to know well, and will find your way back to again and again.

 We have the training and experience to work safely and effectively to address your needs. Nearly 80% of our clients are pregnant or newly postpartum. This is not simply a service we offer halfway down a long list of amenities, this is our passion. This is what we do, and we're here to support you every step of the way.


*We know that not all pregnant people identify as women. We see you and respect you. We are here to serve everyone in their reproductive journeys, and are happy to tailor our language and pronouns to be inclusive of your identity.*


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We pride ourselves on taking great care of you, not only because we have great training, but because we genuinely love what we do and who we serve. 

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"She takes the time to really listen to you and your needs, then provides EVERYTHING you asked for. During her sessions, I am transported to a place with no pain, no worry, just pure relaxation and release" - Neely

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