Treating yourself like a precious object will only make you stronger.”
— Julia Cameron

Sparrow Harrington, CMT, CEIM, owner/director

Hi, I'm Sparrow. I'm so grateful to have this healing work as a part of my life.

It's been a beautiful journey. My first wellness interest was in Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutrition. It was in the Asian Healing Arts and Whole Foods Nutrition Program at The Heartwood Institute that I discovered my innate talent as a therapist and bodywork practitioner.

In time, it became clear that massage therapy, rather than nutritional counseling, would shape my career path and be a fulfilling means of making a difference in the lives of others. 

After graduating Heartwood,  I thought I would eventually become a Midwife, and found an apprenticeship at a Birthing Center. While studying with the midwives, I also attended births as a doula. I eventually came full circle back to bodywork, but everything I learned in the birth world influences and enhances what I bring into each massage session. 

My prenatal massage training has come from my mentor Carole Osborne, who is the leading expert in this field. I have worked closely with Carole since 2011, and have benefited immeasurably from her passion, and knowledge gained during her 40+ year career.

I'm passionate about women receiving thoughtful and skillful care during their childbearing years. I love what I do and feel blessed to be a part of a woman's journey to motherhood. I believe in the power of skilled and nurturing touch as a catalyst for healing and growth. I love that every year we have more and more studies that show the benefits of appropriate touch for our health and the health of infants.

When I'm not working, I'm most likely dancing. The music, dance forms, language and culture of Brazil stole my heart years ago and continues to be a source of great joy and inspiration in my life!


  • Cultural Anthropology, BA, UC Santa Barbara, 2002-2006

  • Asian Healing Arts and Whole Foods Nutrition Program, under Paul Pitchford, The Heartwood Institute, 2006-2007
  • Pre-& Perinatal Massage Therapy Certification, Body Therapy Associates, under Carole Osborne, 2011
  • Doula Certification, The Sanctuary Birth and Family wellness Center, 2011
  • Heart and Hands Beginning and Advanced Midwifery Intensive's, Elizabeth Davis, 2014
  • Mentoring for Mastery Program, Helping Good Therapists Become Extraordinary, Carole Osborne, 2014-2015
  • Infant Massage Educator Certification, Michael Curtis, International Association of Infant Massage, 2015
  • Rhythmic Deep Tissue Sculpting, Carole Osborne & Marjeanne Estes, 2016
  • Advanced Pre-& Perinatal Seminar: Postpartum Pelvic Pain & Conception Support, Carole Osborne, 2016
  • Mercier Therapy Certification, Gyno-Visceral Manipulation for Infertility, Jennifer Mercier, 2017
  • California Massage Therapy Council Certified Massage Therapist #27103
  • Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association
  • Professional Member of the Doulas Association of Southern California