In Office

 Pre-Natal,            Post Partum or  Therapeutic

*All prices and packages include tip*

A Singleton - Single Massage

  • 60 minutes $150

  • 90 minutes $200

*60 minute sessions can focus on either a specific area, or on full body relaxation.

*90 minutes gives us time to do both focused work on a particular concern as well as a more "global" full body treatment.


The Queen's Quartet - A Package of Four Sessions

  • 60 minutes $540 (savings of $60)

  • 90 minutes $720 (savings of $80)


 The Well-Tended Garden- A Package of 10 Sessions

  • 60 minutes $1,275 (savings of $225)

  • 90 minutes $1,700 (savings of $300)


The Metamorphosis - Our Birth Preparation Package

This package helps open the pelvis, helps baby drop into position, and helps prepare you mentally and emotionally for labor.

90 minute package:  $900 (savings of $100)


  • 5 weekly,  90 minute in-office massages

  • Begins at 36 weeks pregnant

(If you birth before 40 weeks, you will have a credit for a postpartum session. If you go beyond 40 weeks, you will receive a special 20% discount on induction massage).


The Over-Flowing Cup - Our Postpartum Package

Postpartum is a time when so many new mothers could use support, relief, and recharging. It's also one of the hardest times to accept the help. Say yes, and schedule your postpartum sessions before baby arrives. Having an over-flowing cup will  not only help you, it will trickle down to your new baby, your partner, and your family too.

60 minute package:  $630 (savings of $90)


  • (2) 60 minute postpartum house-call massages

  • (2) 60 minute in-office massages.

To be of support for the first four months after the birth of your baby.

house calls

Pre-Natal, Post Partum or Therapeutic

*All House-Call prices & packages include tip & travel*

Single Massage 

  • 60 minutes $210

  • 90 minutes $260


The Queen's Quartet - A package of four sessions

  • 60 minutes $756 (savings of $84)

  • 90 minutes $936 (savings of $104)


The Well Tended Garden  - A Package of 10 Sessions

For the woman dedicated to her self-care

  • 60 minutes $1,800 (savings of $300)

  • 90 minutes $2,240 (savings of $360)

Mercier Therapy


The Shared Journey Fertility Program - $2,450


Mercier Therapy Consult- $200

If after a consultation, you decide to move forward with the Shared Journey Fertility Program, the $200 will be applied towards the total cost of the program.