postpartum massage


Everyone knows you can’t pour from an empty cup. We are here to help refill yours!

Postpartum can bring many changes including:

  • Loss of sense of identity

  • Lack of sleep

  • Hormone fluctuations

  • Physical aches of recovering and caring for an infant

  • "New Mother's Neck"

  • C-section scar rehabilitation

  • Pelvic pain

  • Wrist and forearm pain

Having someone tend to you physically, and emotionally through regular massage appointments can help reduce these symptoms, and assist in adapting to the new demands of motherhood.

Recommendation for Postpartum Massage:  Come as often as you can! It takes a full year to physically recover from pregnancy and birth.  As a minimum,  three visits within the first 4 months can aid recovery tremendously. We are here to support you through that year and beyond.

Don’t stress...We are experts at adapting for postpartum massage. If you book a house call massage, it's best to have someone watch your babe so the focus can be 100% on you, but we know how to go with the flow and adapt to your child’s needs too!

Discounted and specific Postpartum packages are available. For more info, click HERE.

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