The Basics:

Everyone needs regular care. In fact, the best benefits of massage are received cumulatively over time.

This monthly package is designed for you to be proactive about your self care. It's also the most discounted package we offer, to honor those committed to their own health & healing.

There’s no big upfront costs in order to receive this discount. You can also share this subscription with your husband/partner, or gift your session to a friend if you’ll be out of town for over 30 days.

This is a secret offer that can only be redeemed by special invitation.

What you’ll get:

There are two versions of this subscription to choose from:

Want to make it a house-call? the add-on price is $60 for a 60 minute in-home session or $70 for a 90 minute in-home session. Please text us at 626-590-9206 to set up your house-call.

These add-ons are payable by Venmo, check or cash at the time of your appointment.

Your subscription is available for use with either Callie, Angelica, Heather or Cindy, as Sparrow is winding down her work load and preparing for maternity leave. If you’ve only ever seen Sparrow in the past and aren't sure who to book with, just shoot us a text or email & we can match you with a therapist.

Remember, there’s no commitment with the subscription. If you’re not happy with your massage, you can cancel any time. You’ve got nothing to lose!

The Fine Print:

Who’s this for? Those we’ve built wonderful relationships with over the years who we miss seeing on a regular basis, and who are at least 4 months postpartum.

This is an on-going monthly subscription, but you may cancel at any time. Sessions will not roll over to subsequent months, but you may share or gift your monthly session to another person if you know you can’t use a session within 30 days.

You will be charged every 30 days based on your first day of purchase. Ex. If you purchase on the 17th, you’ll be charged again on the 17th of the subsequent month.

After each period, you’ll receive an email which includes a link to manage your subscription and redeem your appointments. This email will serve as your reminder to book your monthly session with us. You may also book multiple appointments in advance if you wish (which we recommend).

Have more questions? We’re happy to answer them!

Click HERE to sign up for the “On-Going Self-Care Package (60min) or HERE to sign up for the “Ultimate Self-Nourishment Package (90min).