tandem massage

They Had A Mother-Daughter Bonding Experience That Almost Didn't Happen!

Last week we had a long-time client come in for a prenatal massage. She’s pregnant with her second baby, and brought her mom with her to get worked on as well. They booked tandem 90 minute appointments starting and ending at the same time. I saw the pregnant mom, and Angelica did an amazing therapeutic massage for the mother. They both left here floating, and they had an awesome mother-daughter bonding experience.

When I was checking in with my client before her massage, she told me that her mother almost didn’t come with her, that their massage day almost didn’t happen! “Oh really?” I asked., “Why?” She explained to me that her mom was almost convinced that we ONLY work on pregnant people, and that because her child-bearing days are behind her, that we wouldn’t take her on as a client.

The daughter actually had to go on to Instagram to show her mom some of our posts about doing therapeutic massage in order to convince her. Finally, the mom believed that she’d be welcomed and well cared for here.

Was anyone else under the impression that we only work on pregnant people?

Did you know that you can come in for regular massages, and that your husbands, partners, friends, and family can too?

All of us have years of experience providing highly effective therapeutic massage in addition to our extra training in pre and postnatal massage.

So don’t be shy to bring the family. You can even share your massage packages with them.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

Heather, Angelica, Callie and Cindy can work on the men in your life!

Sharing a massage with your husband, lover, partner can be a truly lovely way to spend deepening your intimacy with your special person.

Let us know if you’d like to book a double-appointment for someone special in your life.

REMINDER: We sent you a $20 coupon via email in December. So many of you have come in to use it already! Please come in before the end of March to use that discount.