Sparrow Shares Her Highs And Lows From 2018

Happy New Year!

When you come in to see us, you so generously share more of yourself than simply where the physical pain is located. You often share your fears and successes, and it’s this level of connection that makes this work so fulfilling for us. Trust is a two-way street, and as we grow together as a community, I’d like to share some of my professional and personal highs and lows from this year with you:


  • Callie and Angelica joined our team

  • We traveled as a team to take an Advanced Prenatal seminar with my mentor Carole Osborne

  • I was Carole’s Teaching Assistant twice this year for her Pre and Perinatal 4 day workshop in April and October

  • We did a team training in Lactation Massage with Nurse, Lactation Consultant, and Cranial Sacral Instructor Ellen Steinberg

  • I flew to Portland to do a workshop with my business coach to help me grow as a business owner

  • In August, I began Teacher Training to eventually step in to fill Carole’s shoes when she retires (yikes! Some shoes to fill!)

  • I spoke on a panel at The LA Doula Project Full Spectrum Training about my experience as a doula supporting a late-term loss last year

  • I assisted a Prenatal Massage Safety Essentials Class for the first time at Glen Ivy Spa

  • We survived our first and only negative Yelp review in 6 years (if you have a positive experience you’d like to share, I’d so appreciate it!)

  • This one is huge for me: Three of my Mercier Therapy Fertility Clients became pregnant this year!

  • We had 12 team trainings to refine skills and build our vision and camaraderie as a group practice. I couldn’t be more proud of these ladies! 

  • We provided almost 1,000 massage sessions this year! The vast majority of those being prenatal or early postpartum, including quite a few successful induction massages


  • I moved to Pasadena

  • My baby sister came to visit from Washington state and we had some great sister-bonding time

  • My beloved Abuela passed away at the age of 95, at home in her bed

  • In October, after a 14-month grueling visa process, my husband Junior was able to join me in the US, and we had a fun welcome party!

  • My best friend became pregnant, so my little niece is coming in May

  • I got a new car for the first time in my life–as Junior and I learned that one car in LA is way too difficult

  • Junior was able to join us for his first ever Thanksgiving. We had so much to be grateful for!

I’m looking forward to 2019 being a year of settling into married life, growing as a team practice, doing more teaching, and walking my talk by being proactive about my self-care. Yes, even I struggle with this. Sometimes those of us who do so much nurturing, struggle to nurture ourselves (sound familiar, Mama?) Do you have a 2019 commitment to your self-care?

I really try my best to anticipate the community’s needs, but sometimes there are just blind spots. I’d really welcome any suggestions, requests, or ideas on how we could serve you better. If you have any ideas, will you email us or respond to us on Instagram?

Thank you for trusting us, and for being a part of the family.

Wishing you an abundant and blessed 2019!


PS: Don’t forget we sent out a Thank You for Being a Part of the Nest Family coupon! You can get $20 off a service or class before March 31, 2019.

PPS: Just a heads up, that we’re changing to a new scheduling software soon which should make for an easier experience for you to book online.