Love Notes/August 2018

Have your rings and shoes abandoned you?

Look, this heat is no joke for anyone, but especially not for pregnant people. 
While edema is common while growing a human because your blood volume goes up by 40%, excessive heat can make things even worse.

This not only may feel unsightly (like, hobbit feet may not make you feel the cutest), but even more so, extra fluid can be painful. Ankle stiffness, and wrist pain due to edema can be almost intolerable for some people. Numbness and pain in your hands can also disturb your sleep, which is a precious commodity these days.

At our training last Monday, our team reviewed all the massage techniques that can move fluid and reduce the pain of edema. We really value keeping our skills sharp and our morale high.

If you’re not able to come in for a session, don’t worry.
I’ve got a couple self-help tips that will give you some at-home relief if swelling has snuck into your pregnancy.

  1. Get your feet up the wall for at least 20 minutes a day. Get gravity to help you redistribute fluid pooling in your legs.

  2. Draw the alphabet with your ankles. This action acts like a pump to move edema out of your ankles. Just be careful not to over point your toes, keep the movements relaxed, so you won’t get a calf cramp.

  3. Keep your hands elevated while you sleep. Rolling a towel under your wrists can help fluid from building up in your palm and fingertips overnight.

I hope these tips help! Feel free to send these tips along to any ladies you know who are working through these hot summer months while growing a little human. And if you need some professional support with massage, we’re here for ya!

Also, we’ve got a couple spots left for our August infant massage series. This class is awesome for helping prevent colic and gas, helping babies sleep better, improving cognitive development, and just getting in another layer of juicy bonding time with your baby. Dad‘s, grandparents, and aunties are welcome too! Click here for class info.

We have some very sweet birth announcements on our community board at the office. If you gave birth this year, we’d love to include your baby on our board...and to thank you for being a part of our community, we will send you a coupon for your next massage!

Not one of those overachieving moms who got it together to get birth announcements made? Don’t worry. You can either send us an email with a photo we could print out and put on our board, or you can even tag us in a photo of your little one on Instagram (@sparrows_nest_massage) and we'll get you a coupon too!

Sending you love & light!