Love Notes/July 2018

Just because something is natural, doesn’t make it easy.

Did you have an effortless time breastfeeding?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. That’s not to say you didn’t have a successful time, or a special bonding time feeding your baby. It just means it can be a journey. Even on the best journeys, there are pitfalls, and learning curves.

Cracked nipples, engorgement, supply concerns, latching concerns, milk strikes, I’d bet at least one of these issues were a part of your journey. Anyone of these setbacks could (or maybe did) end your breastfeeding time. What if you had had more support?

I know that not everyone chooses to or is able to breastfeed for various reasons, and I just want to support everyone’s individual best postpartum experience.

Last month, my team and I received some really special training from Ellen Steinburg, a nurse of 30 years, Lactation Consultant and Diplomat of Cranial Sacral Therapy. Yeah, she’s pretty impressive and magical. She taught us techniques to increase milk supply, clear clogged ducts and prevent engorgement and mastitis.

It may come as a surprise, but yes, Lactation Massage is a thing, and we’re bringing it to the Nest (or to your home if you’d prefer a house call).

I’ve worked with a new mom whose entire milk supply almost doubled, and whose tight painful clogged ducts were gone after receiving this treatment.

Callie, Maeghan, Heather, Angelica, or myself, are available to you if you need this kind of massage support, or if you know a new mom who may need this kind of support, and doesn’t know that it exists. You can learn more here.

Here’s to mothering easier, and feeling good in your body along the way.

I’m hoping you’re staying as cool as possible in this crazy heat!

Sending love & light to you,

P.S. We also have a New Client Summer Special in July & August which gives a $30 credit towards your first purchase with us. You can check that out here.