Lactation Massage

photo: @loveofalittleone (Lauren Archer)

photo: @loveofalittleone (Lauren Archer)

This massage provides relief for engorgement and clogged milk ducts, and prevents mastitis, as well as boost milk supply. We recommend that you schedule as soon as you’re concerned about breast tissue changes. Mastitis can come on quickly, and we don’t want you to come in when you’re already in pain, or worse yet, have a fever.

1st signs of engorgement include:
• Swollen, firm, and painful breasts.
• Breasts may also be hard, shiny, warm, and slightly lumpy to the touch.

If you’re concerned about low milk supply, this massage will also help with increasing milk production.

You should see an improvement in one session, but 3 or more may be necessary to see lasting change.

These massage techniques work best directly on the skin, but can also be done with a client wearing a thin shirt. Your comfort and sense of safety is very important to us. Please let your therapist know which you prefer.

*Please Note: We are not lactation consultants. We can manually help aid your breast health to support breastfeeding, but we cannot assess your baby’s needs or their latch. We are happy to provide you with a referral list of trusted lactation experts if needed.