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Jessica Ferretti

Hi, I'm Jessica.  I have always had a strong sense of empathy and a desire to be of service, which has led me to a 10 year long journey as a massage therapist, coming from years in social work and the arts.  I thrive on human connection, laughter, and also touch -- an integral part of the human experience and development.  

I gravitate toward massage styles that focus on the nervous system, such as Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi and Esalen, which inspire not only deep relaxation but a profound connection to our sensory awareness.  

I was immediately drawn to Pre/Perinatal massage for its ability to effect mother and child.  Every opportunity to soothe and nurture a new mom is a special experience.  Having played a more administrative role at an OBGYN office for 3 years, I connected with families in many stages and situations that were life-altering.  It was a wonderful feeling to support women at so many different stages of life.

I am absolutely honored to be a part of this exceptional team of therapists, who have so much to offer in experience and heart.

Jessica is available every other Sunday at Sparrow's Nest. She offers Prenatal and Postpartum massage, as well as therapeutic massage for men and women. You can schedule with Jessica by clicking the BOOK APPOINTMENT tab above.