Infant Massage Instruction

  • Are you interested in learning how to help your baby sleep deeper?

  • Relieve their gas and constipation?

  • Stimulate their growth and development?

  • Reduce YOUR stress level?

  • Improve bonding and communication between you and your baby?

Wanna know what you'll learn in infant massage class?

WEEK 1: Massage for legs and feet // Identifying infant engagement and disengagement cues // Benefits of infant massage // What constitutes nurturing touch

WEEK 2: Massage for the Relief of Gas and Colic // Massage for the stomach, chest and arms // Physical vs. emotional reasons for crying // How massage can help your baby organize input from the outside world

WEEK 3: Massage for the relief of teething discomforts // Massage for the face and back // Gentle Movements aka Baby Yoga! // What is bonding and attachment and how massage can help facilitate this important process

WEEK 4: Full-body abbreviated massage for quick relief/bonding during diaper or clothing changes // Singing to promote full-sensory integration of touch, sight, smell and sound/vocalization // How infant massage can be adapted as your child grows

“ Infant massage is an ancient parenting tradition that has been rediscovered & adapted to our modern world. One of the most natural & rewarding methods of providing early nurturing contact is through the refined application of infant massage by a parent or caregiver. Clinical evidence has shown that this type of loving, nurturing contact has a positive impact upon the infants subsequent growth & development.”
— Infant Massage USA