Fertility Massage–Mercier Therapy

"The Shared Journey Fertility Program" with Mercier Therapy

Many couples struggle to conceive, and many have done so at great financial cost and through an incredibly invasive process. There is an alternative.  Mercier Therapy is a gentle and effective means of conception support, backed by a 4-year evidence-based study.


Mercier Therapy is:

  • A deep pelvic visceral manipulation of the uterus and ovaries to support conception

  • More affordable than assisted reproductive technology  (The average cost of IVF in California is $12,400 with a 28% pregnancy success rate)

  • In a 4 year study, it was shown to be 83% effective for promoting conception within 6 months to one year of treatment.

  • May be utilized as a stand-alone therapy, or as a primer for the body to prepare for IUI or IVF treatments.

  • Treatment program consists of 6 one-hour sessions spaced no more than a week a part

We are now able to support you from conception, through pregnancy, to birth and beyond, with skilled, competent care.

To read more of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Mercier Therapy, click HERE.

Here's a peek at Fertility: The Shared Journey with Mercier Therapy. The full length documentary is available on Amazon and iTunes.


The Shared Journey Fertility Program - $2,800

Learn more HERE, and schedule your consultation to see if Mercier Therapy might be right for you.

“Infertility is a blow to my self-esteem, a violation of my privacy, an assault on my sexuality, a final exam on my ability to cope, an affront to my sense of justice, a painful reminder that nothing can be taken for granted, my infertility is a break in the continuity of life, it is, above all, a wound to my body, to my psyche, to my soul.
— Jorgensen, 1981, On Healing, Resolve Newsletter
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